Saturday, 25 August 2012

Glyph Crafting Errors: how to deal with extra stacks

Recently I've been trying to push my glyph stockpile to 20 of each, I'm pretty much there as I've lowered my crafting requirements to craft those with 10g profit minimum and cleared out that crafting queue with blackfallow to spare. However in doing this I've ended up with some extra stacks of glyphs. This is bad for me because with the one toon posting system I use I need every available bank/bag slot to make receiving my mail faster.

How did I end up with extra glyphs even though my TSM set to craft only 20? There are a number of ways you can confuse TSM and honestly there's not a lot that Sapu94 can do about it as far as I know.
  1. Once you craft items, and mail them off to another character, they stop existing as far as TSM is concerned. Only once you open the mail on your other toon does TSM register you as having those items again. With this quirk you could do your crafting queue, mail off the items, hit restock queue again (before switching to that character and receiving the items) and you'll have those items you just mailed back on your queue. I'm sure i did this more than once in my crafting spree
  2. If you crash while you're crafting TSM doesn't get to save the progress of your queue and you end up going back in time in your queue when you log in.
Now that you know how they're caused you can watch for these situations and avoid them. If you mail and decide to do another re-stock queue log over and open your mail. If you crash while crafting clear your queue and hit the re-stock.

So along my trip in stocking up I made both errors (mostly the first one) a few times and ended up with extras. Normally this would be hell to sort out which were extras and get rid of them but it wasn't so bad thanks to a few addons.

Mainly I used TSM's Item Tracker and Bagnon. I popped open the item tracker and was quite sad to see all the cleanup I needed to do. The plan was to just toss the extras in my guild bank with the stockpiled inks. This is what I had to start with.

So I typed the name of the first glyph with over 20 into the Bagnon filter an moved the extras to the top of my bag.
It took me around 15 minutes to get rid of all the extras but it was worth it to be able to process my mail faster.
It may not look like I cleaned up a lot of spaces but at this point I had several of each glyph on the AH, if I were to be away from the AH for 12 hours and everything were to expire I would have a much larger space issue than in the first image.

Hopefully this will be useful to someone with the same problem, and I wouldn't be surprised if some people had more than one stack of a few glyphs and they weren't even aware. If anyone knows of another way to accidentally make extras of something let me know because I'm sure others would find it useful! 

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