Friday, 10 August 2012

TSM Glyph Groups

Lately I've been noticing as more people are bored and leveling their alts, my glyph sales have really gone up. To the point where as I'm posting I'll see glyphs I've just posted being sold! When this happens I re-post them and move on my merry way, but lately I've wondered if I should post more than one of each. On my server I'll usually sell 30 a weekday and 60+ on Friday-Sunday.

Recently Twichie of Twichie Enterprises released his Ultimate Glyph Performance List which is 1 year of sales data with the number of each sold, total revenue, and avg. There is also the site WoW Popular which data mines for the most popular builds (talents, glyphs, enchants...), I figured using both of these sources to divide my glyphs into two groups I could cut down on unnecessary posting.

I started with the big glyph list from and added a field for WoW Popular, I went to each spec for each class and copied out the top 9 glyphs. Then I took Twitchie's numbers for each glyph and added them as well.

It ended up looking something like this:

 IDItem NamePopTw ClassGlyph TypeRecipe SourceInk Type
45743Glyph of Templar's Verdict1244PaladinPrimeBook of Glyph MasteryEthereal Ink
45806Glyph of Howling Blast1235Death KnightPrimeBook of Glyph MasteryEthereal Ink
45732Glyph of Kill Shot1230HunterPrimeBook of Glyph MasteryInk of the Sea
45739Glyph of Mirror Image1223MageMinorBook of Glyph MasteryInk of the Sea
42898Glyph of Arcane Shot1211HunterPrimeAll Inscription TrainersLion's Ink
45742Glyph of Hammer of the Righteous1210PaladinPrimeBook of Glyph MasteryEthereal Ink
42742Glyph of Frostbolt1201MagePrimeNorthrend Inscription ResearchInk of the Sea
40900Glyph of Mangle1200DruidPrimeNorthrend Inscription ResearchInk of the Sea
45744Glyph of Shield of the Righteous1198PaladinPrimeBook of Glyph MasteryInk of the Sea
45757Glyph of Spirit Tap1197PriestMajorBook of Glyph MasteryInk of the Sea
43534Glyph of Heart Strike1197Death KnightPrimeNorthrend Inscription ResearchInk of the Sea
45738Glyph of Arcane Barrage0196MagePrimeBook of Glyph MasteryEthereal Ink
45601Glyph of Berserk1194DruidPrimeBook of Glyph MasteryEthereal Ink
43547Glyph of Obliterate1194Death KnightPrimeNorthrend Inscription ResearchInk of the Sea
63416Glyph of Armors0193MageMinorMinor Inscription ResearchJadefire Ink

Now that I had all the data I needed for each glyph how do I make my decision? First I rule out putting any glyphs that are trainer glyphs in my "high priority" list. Also I trust the WoWPopular glyphs are going to be big sellers. The problem with Twitchie's numbers is that they are pretty evenly spread. As you can see in this chart there's no point where the glyph sales just drop off dramatically.

 This graph isn't very clear but I sorted by number of sales and then charted it.
The best I could come up with was that after 50 sales per glyph it started to drop pretty hard so that's where I'd cut off his data. This looks like I'm still keeping a ton of glyphs and not really excluding anything but when you take into consideration trainer glyphs it drops dramatically.

At this point I had to decide if I wanted to require a single glyph to be on both the WoWPopular list and meet Twitchie's threshold or if I only wanted to require at least one. The first option left me with 72 glyphs and the second left me with 149. I'll include both lists plus a list of just the glyphs I took from WoWPopular.

If you have any problems with the TSM imports please let me know!

NOTE: the TSM imports are messed up and I won't have a chance to fix them until Sunday! Backup your TSM settings if you want to try them! Fixed

Twitchie AND WoWPopular

Glyphs that meet the criteria:

The rest:

Twitchie OR WoWPopular

Glyphs that meet the criteria:

The rest:


Glyphs that meet the criteria:

The rest:


  1. A quick correction first up, my sales data doesn't say anything about profit, it's purely about revenue. It's a small thing, but an important distinction.

    One of the things I like about my numbers is that there isn't some magical point where the glyph sales drop to zero. That's part of the reason I choose to provide a full glyph service.

    Of course there is a lot more to glyph performance than just the number sold, but it's an interesting graph :)

    1. You're right that was a bad word choice on my part, and I see that the two aren't interchangeable now :P (and I'll change it right now). Also I agree that you should provide one of each glyph even if it's at cost just to keep your name out there. Splitting between popular and unpopular allows you to use the reset scan in TSM much more effectively though as well as post a greater quantity of the more popular glyphs!

      Thanks again for the data, that was some amazing dedication to data collection!