Monday, 30 July 2012

My Glyph Process

Hello everyone, Flarbish here and today I’ll be going over my entire process for glyph selling from herbs to sales. I’ve only been selling glyphs for three months now but after following a lot of advice from Faid @goclockworkriot and some other sources I’ve worked out a process that I find to be very time effective.

Part 1: Herbs and Milling

    I know a lot of people usually like to outsource their milling but I do all of mine myself as I just don’t want the hassle involved with dealing with a miller. I’ll log onto my scribe at least once a day and do a TSM_Destroying search for each of the inks. I know a lot of people just would rather buy Blackfallow and trade down but if I’m getting my Blackfallow at 5g an ink and I come across some other low level herbs for less than that an ink there’s no reason not to buy them. I leave all my herbs in the mail until I’m ready to process them.

Hello World

Hey everyone, my name is Jordan and I go by the name Flarbish (pronounced with a soft a like with car). I'm in my 5th year of an honors computer science degree somewhere in Ontario, Canada. I've been lurking around the WoW-gold community for about 3 months now and I've been playing WoW since about mid WOTL.

I'm currently into transmog, Cata greens, PvP gear and the glyph market (my big money-maker). I play on a medium population server on the alliance side and here's a breakdown of my characters currently.

  • Gnome Mage (85): Alchemy, Enchanting
  • NElf Druid (85): Herbology, Mining
  • Gnome Priest (85): Inscription, Tailoring
  • Worgen Hunter (85): Leatherworking, Skinning
  • Gnome Rogue (74): Engineering, Alchemy
  • Gnome Warlock (72): Jewelcrafting, Alchemy
  • Gnome Death Knight (55): Tailoring, Enchanting
  • Gnome [Bank Toon] x2 

Here I hope to go over the strategies I use to make gold, maybe some step by step guides for my workflows and processes. I try to make things as simple as I can for myself and maximize the amount of AFK processing I can get done.

My Twitter is @wowFlarbish and I would appreciate all feedback and criticism!