Here I'll just compile a list of macros I use for utility such as destroying, farming and UI stuff. I find on a bank toon I have all the bar space I need. For those who don't consider getting an addon like OPie that lets you tuck them away somewhere.


Bag Shuffles

For my glyph posting I constantly swap my bags with those in the bank. since the bank has 7 bag slots the first macro swaps the first 4 and the last one swaps the last 3. (all 1 line)




 I use TSM for most of my shopping so I have a macro that I can spam when buying things in bulk or resetting auctions. This macro clicks any of the following three buttons for you: The buyout button in the search window, the confirm button in the popup dialog and the buyout button in the reset window.


 TSM_Crafting Spam

 Click both the "Craft Next" and "Destroy Button" on TSM. My favorite spam button.


Canal Crab

I find the cooking daily where you have to collect Canal Crabs to be especially irritating so I made a macro that targets a crab and puts a star on it for me.




Pet Auto-fetch (MoP)

This macro comes from a live-stream I was watching with Jim Younkin of PW:G. He was showing us AOE looting and the Glyph of Fetch and I asked him to try this macro for me. It ended up working and it got spread around the net quite quick.

Start working on it - 1:37:00.
Get it working - 1:40:00.

Focushot at Hunter Mastery added a [nocombat] to his and added it in with his multishot/farming macro. and the original one Jim came up with was a @mouseover macro. below is the one I'll be using but be sure to check out Focushot's and see if it's for you.

The only problem with this macro is if you target a non-lootable target last, if that happens, select a mob and ctrl+click it and it'll only loot the targeted mob.

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