Monday, 30 July 2012

My Glyph Process

Hello everyone, Flarbish here and today I’ll be going over my entire process for glyph selling from herbs to sales. I’ve only been selling glyphs for three months now but after following a lot of advice from Faid @goclockworkriot and some other sources I’ve worked out a process that I find to be very time effective.

Part 1: Herbs and Milling

    I know a lot of people usually like to outsource their milling but I do all of mine myself as I just don’t want the hassle involved with dealing with a miller. I’ll log onto my scribe at least once a day and do a TSM_Destroying search for each of the inks. I know a lot of people just would rather buy Blackfallow and trade down but if I’m getting my Blackfallow at 5g an ink and I come across some other low level herbs for less than that an ink there’s no reason not to buy them. I leave all my herbs in the mail until I’m ready to process them.

    When I’m about to do my weekly crafting of inks or when I’ve got to do some downtime and I feel like doing my milling I dump everything out of my scribe’s bags and I switch him over to 2x herb bags and 2x inscription bags. I run over to the mailbox and fill up on as many herbs as I can hold then I break out my Consortium Key Sender (CKS). CKS is a tool that allows you to take actions you do outside of WoW (such as pressing a button on your keyboard or moving your mouse) and redirect them to key presses in WoW. As far as I know this is allowed because Bliz wants there to be one physical action to an in-game action, meaning as long as you’re sitting there they’re good with it. 

    I will most likely do another post about my TSM setup and how to do the specific things I refer to here, but for the time being you’ll have to Google or bug Jim on his livestream to show you. I open up my TSM_Destroyer and set it to stun... errr Milling and have CKS click my macro to use the destroyer. Once I’ve gone through all the herbs I took out of the mail I take the pigments and mail them off to my toon I use to bounce mail. I keep repeating this process until I’ve processed all the herbs and I’m left with just the pigments on my alt. 

    Then I log over to my alt, select return on all the mails with the pigments and log back to my scribe. I swap my scribe’s 2 herb bags out to inscription bags. I only have the 32 slot bags at the moment but with my backpack that gives me 144 slots. I’ll fill up on pigments with all but one space full leaving me with 143 x 20 = 2860 pigments to process without any sort of interaction needed at 2 seconds each ink that works out to 2860 seconds or about 50 minutes I can wander away from the computer with just one exception. You need to make sure to come back at around the 25 minute mark and move your character or you’ll get disconnected for being afk and come back to only half your pigments processed. I’ll fill up my inventory, mail to my bounce toon again and then continue crafting inks until I’m done.

Part 2: The Crafting Queue

Assuming you have your TSM set up appropriately you should at this point be able to click your restock queue and you’ll get a list of glyphs to make. I unchecked the crafting of inks so it doesn’t tell me buy and mill rather than just trade out. With 4 inscription bags fill them about half full with inks and head to the vendor. Click the Buy Vendor Items button then open up your inscription. I use this macro with CKS to go through and craft my glyphs, it basically clicks the next button for you.

/click TSMCraftNextButton
This is the part that takes the most babysitting, just tab back every once in a while to see how much you have left and just get more ink and purchase vendor items as needed. I use TSM Mailing to easily mail the glyphs off to my selling toon when I need more inks.

Part 3: Posting

    The glyph market on most servers is extremely cutthroat and requires constant posting and babysitting to make the big bucks, especially at the tail end of an expansion. I usually post 3 times a day and try to keep it somewhat random to throw off my competitors. I post my glyphs quite quickly with the bag shuffle method spoke about in this video.

    To start with I use a level 1 with a full bank and inventory of inscription bags, what I’ll do at the beginning of each posting cycle is run over to the AH with whatever bags I’ve logged out with and do a post scan. In order to make this process fast there are a few things to remember: 

  1. Make sure you set your “common search term” in the TSM category/group, it should be “Glyph of”.
  2. If you don’t already set up the scroll wheel macro to post your glyphs (Auctioning Groups > Options > General)
  3. Once you’ve posted all the auctions and you’re just waiting for the yellow “Auction Created” text to complete, it’s safe to walk away from the AH.
Given the last point, while I wait for the server to post my glyphs I run over to the banker and click him once. Once the auctions are posted the bank will show up and I can continue. Here what I do is just switch the bags from my bank with the ones in my inventory, this way I can just run back to the AH and post up all new Glyphs. As Jim mentions often, it’s important to have strategies that will continue to work when your addons fail you (new expansion/patch). To swap them quickly I use these two macros which were adapted from here:

A) Swap bank bags 1-4 with inventory bags
/run for bag=20,23 do local bank=48+bag;PickupInventoryItem(bag);PickupInventoryItem(bank) end

B) Swap bank bags 5-7 with inventory bags
/run for bag = 20,22 do local bank =52+bag;PickupInventoryItem(bag);PickupInventoryItem(bank) end

The trick to this type of bag management is to make sure you don’t put any glyphs in your backpack or the default spaces of the bank, otherwise you’ll never shuffle them out.

    Using this strategy I’m usually able to post all my glyphs in about 5-10 minutes depending on how much attention I'm paying to it. Also this will vary depending on the speed of your server’s AH, your profit thresholds in your TSM Crafting settings (influencing which glyphs you make). 

I hope you found this helpful, being that it’s my first post I would really like to hear what everyone thought.  Any questions just leave a comment here or hit me up on twitter @wowFlarbish!


  1. Great (and thorough) first post. Can't wait to read more. (Also might add a link to your twitter name at the end.)